Boyfriend cheated on me


  1. He Cheated…Now What? The Dos and Don'ts of Dealing with Betrayal
  2. Why Did My Boyfriend Cheat On Me?
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That being said, the longer you draw out that process, the more prone you are to unnecessarily escalating the situation. This becomes a never-ending downward spiral of self-doubt.

Story time- I WAS SCAMMED BY MY OWN BOYFRIEND! Relationship Scammer- Single Mom Vlog

In order to come away stronger from your time apart, be sure to use it productively. Critically assess your relationship, rather than falsifying every detail of the tumultuous affair you assume your guy was having.

  • Why Did My Boyfriend Cheat On Me?;
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  • I Stayed With My Partner After He Cheated & Learned An Important Lesson.

I found out right after winter break, and my first reaction was to tell him to burn in hell and never speak to me again. After a couple of days and I had cooled off, we talked and he convinced me to work things out. Taking some time apart definitely helped.

I usually am very rash about things like this, but for once I actually took the time to think. You might be wondering why I spent so much time sympathizing with this person but I felt like I knew her.

He Cheated…Now What? The Dos and Don'ts of Dealing with Betrayal

I was exhausted. It felt easier at the time to let it all go. I told my partner I was ready to stop talking about it every day, which he was thrilled about, and so I did. It was as if our relationship had gone through a cosmic shift.

We were together but we were never really the same. When we eventually did break up for reasons unrelated to his cheating, I realized that I never wanted to dismiss him or hurt him. I spent months asking him that question and later, asking myself.

Why Did My Boyfriend Cheat On Me?

I screamed it out. Yes, literally. I always kept a filter going in the background, though. There comes a point when you have to stop and remind yourself that you have a relationship sitting on the side that needs dealing with. Whichever I choose needed to be the right thing for me — not my ex-friend or my boyfriend. I stopped listening to what everyone else said about it.

Cheaters Cheat — End of Story

I heard every single theory on why a leopard never changes their spots and I was told about a billion times that in a few months or years, I would be facing the same situation again. He wanted to sleep with her despite how much he knew it would hurt me, so he did. I refused to react out of anger. This is probably the hardest part of the process.

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Should I sink to her level and tell everybody within a km radius that I personally know the whore of Babylon? Or do I honor myself and stand in what you know to be the truth by taking the high road? Hint: I went with the latter.